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How to Clean Your Gourmet Molds

Your custom silicone molds should last you for years to come. Watch this video to learn a few quick tips on how to properly care for your silicone molds and maximize their potential.

Chicago Culinary FX, formerly known as the Chicago School of Mold Making, was originally founded to teach the art of mold making and casting.

Chicago Culinary FX Nature Molds with Chef Corey Siegel

Chef Corey Siegel demonstrates how and why our innovative molds will increase your efficiency and offer greater consistency. This presentation features culinary gourmet silicone molds from Chicago Culinary FX.

How to Use Two-Part Sphere Molds

These multi-section sphere molds are an ideal tool for any use. Watch this short video for a few tips on how to properly apply your silicone sphere molds for optimal results.

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Stéphane Tréand cooking with ShowStopper™ Silicone Molds

Master pastry chef Stéphane Tréand, MOF, demonstrates how to cook and color sugar (isomalt) for casting with food safe silicone molds. See how Chef applies the isomalt cast with the ShowStopper™ silicone molds here.

Introducing Pastry ShowKits™ 

Each silicone mat is a complete mold kit that, when cast in chocolate or sugar, provides a variety of shapes that can be quickly and creatively assembled into show-stopping displays.

Cake Liners™ with Pastry Chef Pedro Gomez

Discover how sugar lace can be developed and applied to create a "World Class" design using Cake Liners– durable silicone molds designed and manufactured by Chicago Culinary FX.

ShowStopper™ Casting Tips with Chef Stéphane Tréand, MOF

ShowStoppers are food safe silicone molds that can be used to cast an array of shapes and easily constructed into impressive sugar or chocolate showpieces. Watch this video to learn a few tips on how to get creative with your ShowStopper™ silicone mold.