Confectionery Art Casting Book: Silicone Mold Making for Pastry Chefs





Confectionery Art Casting - Silicone Mold Making for Pastry Chefs is the first of its kind; an illustrated manual providing a bridge between silicone mold making and a variety of applications used in the confectionery arts. Silicone molds can be used for casting chocolate, aspic, tallow, fondant, pastillage, hot sugar/isomalt, granulated sugar and ice. Starting with basic mold making skills and progressing up through advanced techniques, this book reveals how to make food grade and cost-effective non-food grade silicone molds.

See what world renowned pastry chefs, Sebastien Canonne, Keegan Gerhard, John
Kraus, Ewald Notter and Jacquy Pfeiffer, are creating with silicone molds.

Over 1300 photos, 380 pages, Paperback/Spiral bound with hard plastic cover.

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