EntreMat without Bottom






Fitted for an 8" (20.3cm)standard cake ring

Developed by Chef Fred Monti and Michael Joy, this is one of the two EntreMats™ designed to shape the various layers of an entremet. The silicone mat makes it possible to form each layer into even, round disks; six at a time. The molds work well for baking and/or freezing (standard or blast). Please see our online article, World Class Entremets, to see this mold in action.

This style of EntreMat is an 'open mat' and does not have a bottom. The open mat is ideal for baking because it allows the ingredients to caramelize. Since the mat does not have a bottom, it is recommended to use our specially designed acrylic Push-Push to shape the flexible mat into perfect circles before filling the mold with ingredients. The Push-Push (code: EMPush) is sold separately for $25.00.

Why invest in an EntreMat?

• This mat has been specially designed with vertical walls and sharp edges. This mold allows you to create identical layers to fit inside your 8" metal cake ring (when centered, leaving a 3/8" (10 mm) space on each side between your ingredient layer and the metal cake ring). As you already know, other flexi-mat styled molds can make entremet layers, however, those molds have a heavily tapered edge which does not 'strike' cleanly with a spatula. The result is an entremet layer with uneven outside edges that do not stack neatly inside of a cake ring.

• Our EntreMat allows you to make consistent, precise layers without measuring. Each of the 6 disk cavities has a 'pouring indication line' scribed along the inside of the disk wall. Depending on your recipe, you can quickly make precise entremet layers that are 6 mm or 12 mm thick without having to measure.

Specifications: 6 cavity EntreMat without bottom is 7¼" (18.4 cm) diameter and ½" (12 mm) depth. EntreMat foot print is 15¾" x 23¾" (40cm x 60.3cm)

Made of food contact safe silicone. Wash before use.

Do not heat above 450° F/232° C. Handmade in the USA.

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