Sphere Mold 1" (23mm) with 54 cavities







Our new sphere molds are finally available! Just like our previous spheres molds, they are good for casting sugar or chocolate for showpiece work, yet with so many more cavities, these new molds are ideal for high-yield daily production of flavor based elements in a restaurant environment. If you have ever tried to make spheres by hand, you will appreciate the luxury of having a set of perfectly shaped sphere molds. Our smaller sphere molds are great for reverse spherification, agar and gelatin set recipes, hydrocolloid work, general confectionery and so much more! In fact, chefs have already used these molds to create mango pearls, liquid fennel spheres, strawberry rosewater sorbet, caramel/praline globes and mini financiers. What will you make?

Cost Savings: This 1” (23mm) sphere mold has 54 cavities. Compared with an equal amount of cavities from our original 1” sphere molds (9 cavities per mold x 6 molds @ $65.00 = $390.00) and you will see that not only has the mold design been improved, they are more cost effective as well. Most notably, the pouring holes in the mold are not circular. This will help to allow air escape from the mold as you fill it with a round tipped sauce gun or piping bag. We have also designed registration keys along all four sides of the mold as well as in the interior of the mold. All of this registration ensures near seamless castings. Additionally, the molds are made using our Flex & Bake silicone which is more pliable and more heat resistant than our blue sphere molds.

Silicone mold makes individual spheres with a diameter of approximately 1" (23mm)
Overall silicone mold size: 9.6" x 8.5" ( 24.4cm x 21.6cm)

Made with Flex & Bake platinum silicone, the mold is food-contact safe and can be used for baking up to 450° F./ 232° C. Handmade in the USA. It also works well with blast freezers and liquid Nitrogen.

Helpful Hint: When fitting the mold together (also called seating the mold), put the mold section with the holes in it on top. Use the triangular registration keys along the sides of the mold to ensure proper registration. Always fit the mold together with the holes facing up. If the holes are facing down, air will not be able to escape when you compress the two sections together. Happy casting!

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