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From the designs of pastry artist Stéphane Tréand MOF, we created the half-sheet pan sized Violin, Couples, and Bouquet ShowStoppers™. These single silicone mat kits contain multiple cavities that when cast in sugar or chocolate, provide chefs with a variety of cast shapes. With such a head-start it's easy to produce striking chocolate or sugar amenities, centerpieces or small showpieces quickly.

The Bouquet Showstopper is bursting with possibilities! Any situation where flowers are welcome, this design steps up the celebration making it easy to quickly construct a beautiful amenity or centerpiece. The single silicone mats contain multiple cavities that provide chefs with a variety of shapes to quickly cast striking showpieces.


13.5" x 11"

34.5cm x 28cm

Cavities are .25" (6mm) deep

Fits nicely into half sheet pan.


Made of food contact safe silicone. Wash before use. Do not heat above 400° F/ 205° C. Handmade in the USA. Enjoy watching:

How to Care for Your Silicone Mold

Using the Bouquet Showstopper

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Presently, there are six Showstoppers™ available:

Wave Showstopper, Flame Showstopper, Heron Showstopper, Violin, Couples, and Bouquet (shown above)

Descriptions of the six Showstoppers™ available:

The Wave Showstopper is inspired by the powerful motion of the rolling seas. These deceptively simple curves and curls bring an elegant touch to any presentation.

The Flame Showstopper is a shape reflected by the unpredictable nature of fire. With smooth lines and sharp corners, these pieces will demand and hold attention.

The Heron Showstopper brings an entire mythos to the table. As symbols of love and fidelity, the herons add a touch of grace, while the defiantly swooping wings lift the drama to new heights.

The Violin, Couples, and Bouquet are smaller than the original Showstoppers and are ideal for creating an amenity, a centerpiece or a large cake topper. Cast in either sugar or chocolate, these single silicone mats with multiple cavities provide chefs with a variety of cast shapes to quickly produce striking amenities, centerpieces or small showpieces. The basic shapes are all there; the combinations are up to your imagination.

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